Koča na Planini pri Jezeru

Oskrbnik(i): Dušan Habjanič
Telefonska številka koče: +386 51 632 738
Vsa ležišča: 80
Nadmorska višina: 1453 m
Koordinate: 46,309708 / 13,827740
Ta koledar prikazuje razpoložljiva ležišča po vrstah sob. Prosimo, izberite datum za rezervacijo.
Če bo na voljo premalo ležišč ali sploh nobeno, se lahko vpišete na čakalno listo.

The hut has two catering rooms with 80 seats on the ground floor. Upstairs, there are eight dormitories with altogether 80 beds. The winter room has nine beds. There are two toilets with washrooms on both the ground- and first floor. The restaurant area is heated by a stove. The hut has its own power supply – a generator and a photo-voltaic station (solar energy) – and its own supply of drinking water. The hut offers accommodation for organised groups of mountaineers, alpine schools, courses and meetings; tourists wishing to enjoy the beautiful nature and warm hospitality may also spend a few days there.